Colorful Grape-Like Nipple Clamps

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Ring in a new set of pleasure by getting yourself into nipple play! We all know how sensitive our nipples are. If you want to maximize all the amazing sensations that a pair of sensitive nipples can give to your body, then you should indulge in these Colorful Grape-Like Nipple Clamps. Pretty is an understatement when it comes to these grape-like nipple clamps!

However, don't let its dainty appearance fool you at all. It's a pair of sexy yet charming nipple toys that can surely bring you down to your bended knees!

Our Grape-like Nip Clamps comes in two colors. You can go for black if you want something mysterious and alluring. But if you want a pair of nipple clamps with a pop of color, then get the purple one. Whatever color you choose, the pleasure and sensation they bring into your sex life are the same! The choice is up to you.

Additionally, our grape-like nipple clips have tons of remarkable features to offer. These clasps have rubber loops where your tiny sensitive dugs are inserted. Since they are made from rubber, they inflict less pain and more pleasure.

This pair of nipple toys has faux fur and crystals in addition to rubber loops. There are also miniature bells surrounding the crystals. Every time you move, these bells start ringing, adding fun and excitement to your nipple play!

Our grape-like clamps are something that you can use during solo play or with a partner. These toys can help you reach your climax as they make your nips highly sensitive and responsive to hand and tongue strokes.
If you are wondering if it is difficult to manage these nipple clamps, the answer is a big "NO"! They are easy to use. You need to make sure that your boobnobs are erect before putting them on, then you are ready to take your nipple foreplay to the next level!

Want to experience a different kind of erotic pleasure? What are you waiting for? Get our Colorful Grape-Like Nipple Clamps now!

Color Black, Purple
Material Metal
Type Christmas Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 43.30 inches
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A