Rhinestone Butt Plug | Colored Silicone Butt Plug 2.44 and 3.27 Inches Long


Ever wonder how you can make carnal pleasure more exciting either during your solo play or with your sex mate? 

Introducing the Colored Silicone Butt Plug 2.44 and 3.27 Inches Long, a sex toy that will heighten your sexual bliss! Offered in four popular colors—purple, red, black, and pink—there’s definitely one that’ll suit your taste. It’s available in a large or a medium size to accommodate your level of experience.

Cone-shaped in design, it will not only make insertion possible, but it will also sit snugly inside. The flared base promises safety, so no matter how rough the going gets, the toy will not get sucked in and lost inside. This means there’s really no reason to worry about getting rushed to the ER. And, given this safety feature, no one is stopping you from wearing it for prolonged periods. So, what if you want to wear it to work, to a shopping mall, or anywhere you want? Everyone has a kinky secret to keep; why shouldn’t you?

At the bottom of the base, you’ll see a dazzling jewel that will adorn your booty and make you irresistibly alluring. Show it off and twerk seductively to make your partner slobber with lust.   

Made of silicone, a non-porous, BPA-free material, it’s clinically proven safe for internal use. Silicone is also flexible and soft, making it easy to squeeze into the butt. A sex toy made of this material is very easy to clean. You simply need to wash it with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, rinse off in running water, and dry with a clean cloth. If you want to maintain its good condition for a long time, store it in a box placed in a ventilated, shaded corner.

To make insertion pain-free and easy, slather your toy with lube, and put some in your bum.

Vanilla sex is good. But, sexual intercourse with anal play is so much better!  Buy the Colored Silicone Butt Plug 2.44 and 3.27 Inches Long now!

Color Pink, black, red, purple
Type Jeweled Plug
Material Handle: N/A
Plug: Silicone


Handle: N/A
Plug: Medium: 3.15”, Large: 3.70”


Handle: N/A
Plug: Medium: 1.38”, Large: 1.73”