Colored Ring Adjustable Nipple Clamp 1 pc

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Didn't think there was a dedicated torture device for your nipples, did you? There's so much to love about our Colored Ring Adjustable Nipple Clamp 1 pc, and after you find out all about this device, you'll love it even more.

If all you see is a plain and simple ring with four pieces of screws, then you need to look harder. This Colored Ring Adjustable Nipple Clamp 1 pc is made from metal, a material so solid that it's ready to take on even the bravest of nipple enthusiasts. You think the term "screwing you over" only exists in penetration. This design changes all that.

Come to think of it, foreplay is the most crucial part of sex. If you're not turned on, then there's no way you can progress to the next step. Nipples aren't only for sucking. They are also entitled to a tease of their own, and there's nothing even more teasing than keeping them on the lock.

Your goal is to restrict the blood flow around your nipples, making them numb. Play with your precious nippies for a bit by having your partner play with them. You can even use a vibrator to turn yourself on a bit more. Once they're fully erected, then you're ready to clamp them up! Place the ring around your nipple. Afterward, tighten each of the screws until you reach the desired result that you want. The more numb, the better.

Hold your titties! Don't get too excited. When you're ready, release the tiny beasts from their cells, and you'll feel the blood rushing back to where they used to belong. This will make your nipples extra sensitive to every touch, stroke, massage, and tongue lick. You will have an amazing time enjoying the feeling around your nipples.

So what are you waiting for? This Colored Ring Adjustable Nipple Clamp 1 pc is patiently waiting for you to take it home. Grab two to complement both of your breasts, and it'll feel even better!

Color Blue, Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Colorful
Material Metal
Type Adjustable Nipple Clamp
Dimension (inches)


Outer Diameter: 0.83 in.

Inner Diameter: 0.70 in.


Outer Diameter: 0.83 in.

Inner Diameter: 0.70 in.

Weight: N/A