Clear Quartz Yoni Egg Natural

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Do you want to achieve holistic healing inside and out? If so, then you should get this Clear Crystal Natural Quartz Egg! Known as a "master healer," this healing stone can be used for any condition. It can boost your immune system and bring balance back into your body.

Additionally, this Crystal Natural Quartz Egg serves as a deep soul cleanser. This crystal dispels all sorts of negative entities and connects your mind to your body and the environment. This stunning yoni egg can also be used for Kegel Exercise. This type of training is intended for your pussy to strengthen your pelvis and to tighten your v-hole. As a result, it tones up your pelvic floor muscles, which, therefore, reduces -- if not removes -- abdominal pain. However, that is not the only purpose of this vaginal stone. It also provides better orgasms. This yoni egg increases natural lubrication with regular use. It helps you reach the pinnacle of your frenzy regardless of your age.

So, how do you use this clear yoni egg? Simple! You have to insert it into your core. Take a deep breath and relax before shoving it up to your love tunnel. Once in, you need to use those pelvic muscles and control its movement there. Then, squeeze it out when you are done with it.

Do this repeatedly until you feel the result of the vaginal training. Also, don't forget to clean it before and after use. Wash the yoni with mild soap and water or wipe it with hard liquor like vodka to disinfect the egg.

Our Clear Crystal Natural Quartz Egg is indeed a jack-of-all-trades stone! Get one now and improve your overall health. Set this up into your cart now!

Color Clear
Stone/Crystals Clear Quartz
Size (inches) about 1.57 in.
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increase/Enhance Libido & Reawaken Sensuality - Boost Immune System, Recover Past Memories, Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises, Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles, Tighten Vaginal Walls, Increase Natural Lubrication - Increase Sensitivity - Experience Vaginal Orgasms