Chunky Purple Silicone Butt Plug 2.56 to 4.33 Inches Long


Butt plugs come in all materials, shapes, and sizes but if you’re just starting out, it’s best to stick with the tried and tested Silicone ones before moving up to the heftier Stainless Steel or Glass. Silicone works best for anal stimulation because it’s non-porous and hypoallergenic.

One such butt plug that makes use of high-quality Silicone as its base material is our Chunky Purple Silicone Butt Plug 2.56 to 4.33 Inches Long, which comes in three different sizes for you to choose from.

The smallest size is about 1.65 inches in diameter while the largest is at 2.83 inches. Length ranges from 2.56 to 4.33 inches. The flared base sports a convenient suction cup so you can stick this toy to any flat and smooth surface for hands-free insertion.

If you haven’t tried using a butt plug, you might be wondering why one would enjoy sticking a plug back there. Well for one, your rectum is loaded with lots of sensitive nerve endings.

Subjecting it to different kinds of stimulation even from small toys like our Chunky Purple Silicone Butt Plug will bring you mind-blowing pleasure you’d only wish you discovered a long time ago. For women, the feeling of fullness that butt plugs bring is incredible, especially when used during penetrative sex.

Use this Chunky Purple Silicone Butt Plug as part of your BDSM role-playing games or while you’re masturbating or enjoying a sensual massage. You’ll be surprised how ordinary sensations become fantastic simply with the addition of this handy little sex toy.

it's made of premium quality silicone so a quick wash with soap and water will eliminate all remnants from your previous sessions.

The surface is smooth and unlike stainless steel or glass, provides a little give, making it an excellent beginner toy for those who are new to the pleasures of anal foreplay.

Color Purple
Type Butt Plug
Material Silicone


handle: N/A
(S) 2.56 in.
(M) 3.14 in.
(L) 4.33 in.


handle: N/A
(S)1.65 in.
(M) 2.04 in.
(L) 2.83 in.