Christmas Stripes Nipple Pastie
Christmas Stripes Nipple Pastie
Christmas Stripes Nipple Pastie
Christmas Stripes Nipple Pastie

Don your gay apparel and deck your rack with these covers for your boobies because the season to be jolly is here! One of the best gifts you can offer to your lover is yourself. So why don’t you tie yourself in a fiery red ribbon and slowly unwrap your clothes to reveal a sweet surprise? He’ll be glad to know that there’s a star that’s more lovely than the one that’s hanging on your Christmas tree—and it’s on top of your titties. Be festive with the Christmas Stripes Nipple Pastie.

Whether you’re dressed up as a Sexy Santa or a Naughty Elf, these Yuletide-colored nipple covers will put the merry in your cherry. Surprise your lover and have a one-of-a-kind exchange of gifts while wearing these playful pasties. He’ll be hypnotized as the striped design creates an alluring effect with every bounce and jiggle of your sweet bosoms. Let him be reminded of those peppermint candy canes he used to eat every holiday season when he was a kid. Press your breasts against each other and invite him to lick them real good. One tiny accessory goes a long way if you played it well, and these nipple covers already look so yummy you’ve already won half of the game.

The Christmas Stripes Nipple Pastie is easy to use. As with what you do with most nipple covers, you have to make sure that your nipples and areolae are clean and dry before putting these on. The adhesives won’t stick well on a wet surface, so this is a rule of thumb. Peel off the plastic sheet on the back to reveal the adhesive and carefully place it on your nipples. Press it firmly against your areola to make sure it sticks securely and in place.

Buy several pairs, and you’ll see, kissing isn’t the only thing that’s going to happen under the mistletoe.

Color Red and White
Material Acetate
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A


Christmas Stripes Nipple Pastie

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