Chinese Embroidery Lace Nipple Covers

Chinese Embroidery Lace Nipple Covers

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Live your Oriental fantasy with a naughty striptease a la submissive concubines to their beloved emperors. Complete this classic role play by wearing a sultry costume made for an occasion like this. Don a pair of the Chinese Embroidery Lace Nipple Cover and channel your inner dragon lady.

These nipple covers exude elegance and have perfected the art of seduction. Made of delicate black lace, you are sure to feel incredibly sexy and extra racy the moment you wear this. You’ll never go wrong with the intricate embroidery that runs through its edge, the playful pattern captivating your lover’s eyes with every twist.

Forget all about the jades and crystals; be ready to explore your fortune with these reusable nipple pasties and learn to attract positive energy throughout your love session. Untie your hair and let it down while slowly removing your silk robe to reveal these majestic covers. Watch your partner’s eyes shimmer with desire as you tease him to come closer and take you to the clouds. Put these on you and ward off all the unwanted vibes with a wiggle of your bouncy chest!

Completely reusable, you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Each pasty is also very easy to use. Just peel off the plastic sheet at the back and carefully place it on your nipples and areolae. Make sure these areas are clean and dry because they won’t stick well on a wet surface. If you’re fond of skincare products, skip applying moisturizer and lotion on these areas in the meantime. Press them firmly so they will stay securely in place. After using, gently wash these covers with warm water and soap. Allow it to dry before safely storing it.

The Chinese Embroidery Lace Nipple Covers are the only lucky charms you need. Add them to your cart today!


Color Black with Red Embroidery
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A