Bulb-Type PVC Shower Enema


If you’re new to anal play, you are more likely to encounter unwanted disgusting evacuation while at it. Well, let’s make sure it won’t happen with this Bulb-Type PVC Shower Enema.

It’s an in-line bulb enema syringe used by medical practitioners to help patients with constipation to defecate. If doctors trust this enema, you should, too.

Made of PVC, the anal tip is soft to the touch and bends easily, making it ideal for individuals who are not used to the rigidity of metal. This blunted anal tip can go as deep as 3.15 inches in your butt for deep and thorough cleaning. The bulb, which comes in blue or red, is great for one-hand squeezing as it has a diameter of two inches. The inlet hose that needs to be submerged in water is 30.31 inches in length.

To begin, wash your anal cleaning tool with warm, soapy water. Next, fill up a basin with clean, lukewarm water. Submerge the inlet hose into the water-filled basin.

After that, lube the anal tip including your bum for easy and even pleasurable insertion. Insert carefully to avoid abrasions. Once inside, gently squeeze the bulb repeatedly to irrigate your rectum and colon. Avoid squeezing fast and hard as this could hurt the delicate walls of your colon.

When you feel full, stop pushing water in and wait for the liquid to be expelled. Repeat this easy process until the water that comes out becomes clear. It’s advisable that you perform rectal douching an hour before the anticipated anal intercourse to be able to eliminate all the liquid that you’ve put in. You don’t like smelly liquid gushing out of your anus during anal intercourse, don’t you?

If you’re looking for a pumping action that pushes liquid further up for thorough cleaning, then buy the Bulb-Type PVC Shower Enema. With a squeaky clean bum, anal sex is going to be more sensational!

Color Blue, Red, Transparent
Type Enema Bulb Syringe

Handle: PVC

Plug: PVC



handle: N/A 

plug: 3.1 inches


handle: N/A


bulb: 1. 97 inches