Brown Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long
Brown Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long

Butt plugs come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and materials, but if you’re looking for something simple, straightforward, but will still appeal to the faux fur lover in you, then you really should be adding this Brown Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long to your cart now.

The insertable part of this plug is made of surgical-grade Stainless Steel, a feature that you really should be paying attention to since you’ll be inserting this into a very sensitive part of your body. The tapered tip measures about 1.10 inches in diameter with a length of approximately 2.7 inches. The faux Raccoon Tail is 13 inches in length and sports a light brown color with dark brown rings all over.

Everything about this Brown Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 16 inches long is naughty and sexy, so if that’s the appeal that you’re going for in your next sexcapade, then this sex toy is just the thing for you. The faux fur part is soft and thick, so you can use it to tease your partner while he’s handcuffed or tied to the bed. The plug comes with a flanged end, so it stays in place while you’re playing. Oh, and did we mention stainless steel works with all types of lubricant? Talk about versatility!

Sex in itself is immensely pleasurable, but when you’ve got an opportunity to make it even more mind-blowing, why not grab it? Whether you imagine yourself expanding your butt in preparation for anal sex, or you enjoy the idea of prancing around with a furry tail jutting out of your ass, you can bring your sexual fantasies to life with this amazing Brown Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 16 inches long.

It’s a butt plug like no other and will last you a good many hours of solid fun in the sack, either alone or with your partner.


Plug:  Silver

Handle:  Light and dark brown tail

Type Butt Plug

Handle:  Synthetic Fur

Plug:  Stainless Steel



Handle:   13" 

Plug:   2.7"


Handle: N/A 

Plug:  1.10"


Brown Raccoon Tail Butt Plug 16 Inches Long

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