Breathable Holed Silicone Covers
Breathable Holed Silicone Covers
Breathable Holed Silicone Covers
Breathable Holed Silicone Covers
Breathable Holed Silicone Covers
Breathable Holed Silicone Covers
If you're a lady of elegance, you'll never want a strap showing when you're in an off-shoulder little black dress or a backless top. Bra straps ruin the look. Slay with that sexy dress you've wanted to wear because the Breathable Holed Silicone Covers are here to complete your sexy, elegant look.

Bras are a wardrobe staple, but having these silicone covers will save your day on many special occasions. Let's call them "wonder breast covers" because they don't need straps to stay securely in place. All you have to do is to place the cups over your breasts and, voila! You have a secure breast covering.

These breast cups come in two colors. The great thing about the product is that you can buy individually or a set of two with the same color or two different colors. A perfect fit is of great importance, so we made them available in a range of sizes. We're pretty sure you'll find the right covers for your breasts.

The cups feature a front clip closure that creates a push-up effect. With its flattering shape, it's possible to wear a plunging neckline to show off some cleavage. With those holes, they promise breathability and comfort. You can find a sexy lips icon on one of the cups, reminding you to stay confident because these stick-on breast covers will stay put.

Women who have tried them on are raving about their shape, comfort, and staying power. These are sweat-proof and waterproof silicone covers, so they can be more versatile than you think. Whether you're going swimming or doing exercise, you can trust this invisible bra. If wardrobe malfunction happens, this stick-on bra gets you covered.

Wash it with warm water and mild soap to make sure it gives you the maximum number of uses. Buy now!
Color Black, Khaki
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
A Cup: 32/70 A
B Cup: 32/70B, 34/75B, 36/80A, 38/85A
C Cup: 32/70C, 34/75C, 36/80B, 38/85B
32/70D, 34/75D, 36/80C(D), 38/85C(D)
Width: N/A

Breathable Holed Silicone Covers

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