Blue Bells Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps
Blue Bells Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps
Blue Bells Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps
Blue Bells Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps
Blue Bells Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps

Hear melodious ringing in the midst of burning intimacy with the Blue Bells Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps and let the bells jingle even when Santa Claus is not around.

This pair of tweezers is not your ordinary tweezers, as they are made with a kinky purpose in mind. They’re constructed from stainless steel, a premium kind of metal that is durable and rust-resistant. For your comfort and enjoyment, the tips are coated with rubber. But what really makes this pair of nipple clamps extra-special are the bells attached – not just one but two for each!

If you’re a newbie to nipple play, you’ll find this duo user-friendly, as the ring will make adjustments very easy. You just have to slide the ring towards the nipple to create more tension. So, the closer the ring to the nipple, the stronger the pinch will be. By simply moving the ring, you’ll find the right pinch intensity that’ll make you shudder with delight.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the line “No pain, no gain” many times. This also applies in nipple play. The more tension you apply, the more pain you’ll feel, but it shouldn’t be too painful to make you turn off and too painful to the point of damaging your nipples. For the best experience and to make a bit of a pain sweeter, make sure that your tities are warmed up by having a sensual breast massage and having your nips licked or sucked. Pinch them with these elegant nipple clamps once they’re erect.

So, what happens when your nipples are squeezed? Well, the clamps will restrict blood circulation in these areas. Being so, it’s advisable to touch your nipples every now and then. When they start to feel numb, release your nipples from the clamps. Savor the sweet relief and witness magic as blood surges back to your nips. Every touch or lick on your nipples will definitely bring thrilling sensations.

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Color Black + Silver + Blue
Material Stainless Steel + rubber
Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: 0.04 lbs./pair


Blue Bells Rubber Tipped Nipple Clamps

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