Black Hole Male Chastity Belt 37.40 inches Waistline

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Hey you! Yes, you! You're currently looking at the leather and metal monster that has haunted BDSM practitioners in history and modern days. Say goodbye to ancient chastity belts where you are one foot away from death, and say hello to the Black Hole chastity belt. It is stylish and an eye catcher. The narrow strap is designed in the style of a thong, running from the front to the back.

This male chastity belt is trendy to couples who practice sadomasochistic sexual lifestyle. You'll know when you're ready for an adventure because this gear will put your game face on. This restraint is made from 'bicast' leather or polyurethane material. This variety of leather undergoes a unique manufacturing process to make it resistant to heat and cold. It is a practical and erotic device for an evening or overnight use. After all, who would resist to try this on? Trust us! We've tried it ourselves!

Adjustability was considered much when manufacturing this chastity belt. The waistline can be adjusted between 31.5 to 37 inches and has a leg strap measurement that is also adjustable between 10 to 20 inches. To clean this leather harness, combine about two tablespoons of liquid dishwashing liquid or a mild household detergent with clean water. Immerse the chastity belt and use a brush with soft bristles to get rid of residues and accumulated dirt. Rinse off the excess soap and wipe the leather chastity belt using a clean cloth.

If you're a little secretive with your erotic adventures, you'd be delighted to know that we deliver this product in discreet packaging. There are no brands in the label. Plus, it does not point to what is inside the parcel since the shipping label will have something like "medical item" written in the packaging itself. Since we highly value your privacy, we use a pseudonym in our transactions so that you won't have any sexually suggestive entries reflected on your bank statements.

If you get sexually aroused by pleasure and a different type of pain, then, by all means, order this product today!

Color Black
Type Male Chastity Device
Material Bicast Leather with Stainless Steel
Waistline 31.5 to 37 inches
Leg Belt Dimension 10 to 20 inches