Black Beaded Rose Silicone Butt Plug 4.53 Inches Long

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The use of sex toys is not just for newlyweds. Couples who have been together for more than five years may need to experiment with many sex gadgets available on the market. Using these types of toys enhances not only good communication but also intimacy between couples as it can spice things up in bed.

If you want something to rediscover your sexual vigor, our Black Beaded Rose Silicone Butt Plug 4.53 Inches Long is the perfect toy for you. Made from medical-grade silicone, this toy is safe to use. Silicone also has bendable qualities that allow for comfortable insertion.

With this variant, it has dual rounded beads for a whole new butt plugging sensation. This model is also an excellent upgrade for those who have practiced anal stimulation for a long time. With this design, you will have a whole new sexual sensation every time you insert the plug. The flared base feature helps you enjoy hands-free anal fun. It also ensures safety as it prevents the plug from getting inserted fully into your ass. With this feature, the only thing you need to do is enjoy caressing other erogenous areas of the body.

You can even use this plug inside the shower if you want to. Get wet and wild vibes as you slide this plug inside the ass and enjoy the warm water trickling on your body. It will be a whole new experience you won't forget. Just don't forget to apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the plug and to your love bum for easier penetration.

Don't be afraid to try something new to enhance your sex life. Try our Black Beaded Rose Silicone Butt Plug 4.53 Inches Long to fire up your intimate moments with your partner!

Color Black


Type Silicone Butt Plug

Handle: Silicone

Plug: Silicone



Handle: N/A

Plug: 4.53 inches


Handle: 3.26 inches


Tip: 1.02 inches

Bottom: 1.25 inches