Bigger and Better Realistic Penis Extension
Bigger and Better Realistic Penis Extension
Bigger and Better Realistic Penis Extension
Bigger and Better Realistic Penis Extension

Your virginity has already been taken away from you, and there's nothing wrong with it. However, sometimes, you dream of having the same, exact feeling that you had before—back when you were a saint—but what you can only do is to imagine.

Experience having a narrow and tight channel again by inserting a more massive shaft into your love tunnel. Use the Bigger and Better Realistic Penis Extension, a humongous cock sleeve for you and your partner! You'll feel the same as when you were devirginized by your lover's cock with its thick blanket and large glans.

This sex toy simulates a penis, as you can see from the color, shape, and texture. The material used is of high-quality—silicone it is—so it's safe to use inside the vagina, the anus, or on the sensitive penile skin. It is so elastic that it conforms to any cock sizes. With its total length of 7.87 inches, the wearable part is only 5.51 inches—the average cock size—and the rest is the extension. Inside the toy is a sperm bank that collects the cum after the man jizzes. With its prominent veins, you'll never notice your partner wearing a faux penis!

Give this tool to your partner as a gift but make sure to explain the reason behind the present. After convincing him to use one, cheer him up and do your fair share of satisfying him as well. Give your man a handjob of a lifetime, then install the device on his cock. Ride on it and feel the new monster cock entering your body! Re-live the first time your pussy was smashed with titillating pain!

After your orgasmic play, make sure to clean the device with water and mild soap. Turn the skin of the silicone inside out for more extensive cleaning. Sanitize it with isopropyl alcohol if necessary, then store it in a moist-free, dry container.

If time does not permit you to go back to the past, then let the Bigger and Better Realistic Penis Extension bring back what you want to re-experience. Buy this cock enhancer now!

Color/Type Flesh
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Wearable: 7.87 inches (140 mm)
Glans Length: 2.36 inches (60 mm)
Width/Diameter: 1.57 inches (40 mm)

Bigger and Better Realistic Penis Extension

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