Big and Chunky Expanding Butt Plug 3.54 Inches Long

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When you want to go big and hard, you will enjoy our Big and Chunky Expanding Butt Plug 3.54 Inches Long! Made from premium silicone, this anal toy is very sturdy and can withstand long-time use. This material is also bendable, making it ideal for those looking for a stretchy material to play with.

The anal canal actually has numerous nerve endings that can be stimulated through the use of a plug. This area is one of the most elusive parts of the body, as it is where you can touch the P-spot or G-spot. It is said that when you can master the ways of how to properly hit those spots, you will forget about conventional sex and will go backside more!

Of course, the ways of anal penetration can be tricky and entail some practice, and this plug can help you with that. As a butt expander, you will be able to open up even the tightest, most stubborn behind there is!

First, you have to make sure you have washed your hands as well as the toy itself to prevent bacteria from contaminating sensitive areas. Then, you have to take a comfortable position to slide the plug inside using your fingers. But, never forget the water-soluble lube for a more comfortable anal fun.

Playing inside the shower or tub is not a problem as these toys are waterproof. Be naughty while enjoying the water dripping all over your body and the plug firing up all your sexual needs.

You will never know how good something feels unless you take action and try it out yourself! Our Big and Chunky Expanding Butt Plug 3.54 Inches Long is something you should try. Who knows? It could be something you have been looking for months!


Black, Purple, Nude

Type Expanding Butt Plug

Handle: Silicone

Plug: Silicone



handle: N/A

plug: 3.42 inches


handle: 3.54 inches


Expanded: 4.6 inches

Not Expanded: 2.36 inches