Bells and Nipple Clamps With Chain
Bells and Nipple Clamps With Chain

If you love simple things with a subtle touch of glam, then our Bells and Nipple Clamps With Chain is going to suit your taste perfectly.

It does not matter if you love enjoying yourself alone, or with a partner, this Bells and Nipple Clamps With Chain is another excellent addition to your collection to spice up your sexual stimulation play. Your lovely nipples offer incredible sensations when caressed, licked, or sucked. However, these nipple clamps magnify the feeling when used correctly. That is why this sex toy has been gaining popularity among men and women.

These nipple clamps may be simple, but it works like a gem. It has got a pair of clamps where the tips are covered in silicone rubber to keep it gentle on your nipples. Both clamps are attached to a single chain that adds weight for extra sensation, while it doubles as a necklace to complement your beautiful naked body.

In addition, the silver chain necklace also included nine bells in different colors attached to the string to add another layer of elegance. These bells clank that adds to the experience whenever you and your partner are enjoying a moment of a good pounding.

To start using this gem, your nipples must be fully erect. So, some good caressing on your nipples is a must. Foreplay plays a significant role in terms of sex, so don't be shy in lighting up the fire before the final explosion of orgasm starts.

The nipple clamps may be worn multiple times for a few minutes to experience the rush of blood in your nipples. This will give you a unique sensation that you will come back for more.

Don't be afraid to be simple when you can accomplish the feeling of stimulation. Click that add to cart button now!


Chain: Silver

Bells: Violet, Green, Silver, Purple

Material Metal
Type Nipple Clamps with Chain
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A


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Bells and Nipple Clamps With Chain

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