Bell Pendant Silver Nipple Clamps
Bell Pendant Silver Nipple Clamps
Bell Pendant Silver Nipple Clamps
Bell Pendant Silver Nipple Clamps
Bell Pendant Silver Nipple Clamps
Bell Pendant Silver Nipple Clamps

If you want your man to keep gazing at your beautiful breasts, then you've got to accessorize yourself with Bell Pendant Silver Nipple Clamps.

Showcasing outstanding workmanship, it's truly a masterpiece perfect for your jaw-dropping, supple breasts. The clamps have smooth rubber tips to protect your nipples from their sharp edges.

They come with screws, so you or your partner can adjust it to the desired tightness. Some players love to combine pain and pleasure and desire for a tighter squeeze; other women, meanwhile, prefer a pleasurable grip minus the pain. Whatever tightness you desire, use the screw to make the right adjustments to suit your mood or level of experience.

The metal chain isn't just bling; it also adds intensity to nipple stimulation, especially when you're having a doggie. And while you're getting fucked from behind, the bell will ring, providing rhythmic music to your ears. This sex toy is also great for BDSM roleplay as your Dom would love to tug this chain. Run and hide, but with the bell on your chest, he'd be able to trace the sound.

For the best experience, your nipples should be erect before they get clamped. Let your lover toy with them, flirt with them until they're turned on. The clamps are designed to restrict blood flow into your nipples, and when they're taken off, sweet relief takes over, making you feel a rush of tingly sensations and happy hormones. At this point, your nipples will become extra-sensitive to any form of stimulations. So, let your partner caress them, suck or nibble on them until you achieve "nipplegasm"...or why not combine nipplegasm and orgasm for your ultimate pleasure?

Add the Bell Pendant Silver Nipple Clamps to your arsenal to make your sexual adventure more exhilarating! Hit the "Buy it now" button today!

Color Black Silver, Clear Silver, Pink Silver, Purple Silver, Red Silver, Rose Silver
Material Metal
Type Adjustable Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A


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Bell Pendant Silver Nipple Clamps

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