Bell Fetish Nipple Clamps With Chain

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If you want to magnify the pleasure that you get when you stimulate your erogenous zones, you should be willing to take on the challenge of wearing nipple clamps. Our Bell Fetish Nipple Clamps With Chain will not only let you experience the rush of pleasure in your nipples, but it will also maintain your exquisite taste for fashion.

What you will get is a pair of crocodile clamps connected by a beautiful chain. It's accented by an elegant bell pendant in metallic red. The clamp tips are covered with high-quality silicone rubber that is available in six colors of Black, Clear, Pink, Purple, Red, and Rose. You'd surely love to wear these alluring nipple clamps because of their beautiful design.

If you plan to savor the sensuous joy that this Bell Fetish Nipple Clamps With Chain can give you, make sure that your nipples are fully erect first. So, get those hands to work and play with your breasts until you awaken your sleeping pleasure nips to arousal.

This could also be a great toy for you and your partner. Make sure to set expectations and communicate your tolerance level for a hassle-free play. Once you have achieved a fully-erect, wear the clamps for a few minutes to restrict blood flow.

For the final show, give them freedom as you remove the clamps to enjoy the rush of blood flow that will provide you with a wonderful feeling. End the night with some good pussy pounding that you won't forget.

Finally, you can get something that gives you the best of both worlds. Celebrate your high-fashion sense and your quest for pleasurable moments by getting this Bell Fetish Nipple Clamps With Chain. Add one to your cart now!

Color Black, Clear, Pink, Purple, Red, and Rose
Material Metal
Type Nipple Clamps with Chain
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Weight: N/A