Beginner Friendly Penis Corset
Beginner Friendly Penis Corset
Beginner Friendly Penis Corset
Beginner Friendly Penis Corset
Beginner Friendly Penis Corset
Beginner Friendly Penis Corset

Beginner Friendly Penis Corset

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Corsets have a long history of keeping a woman sinched. It's a sexy bodice that extravagant Madames and royalties wore during the glamorous Victorian Era. This suit makes the waist look tiny and exaggerates the bust and hips, giving that popular hourglass figure.

This mechanism has made its way to modern fashion, even being the star of centerpieces in some designer houses. Suppose you want to apply that fascinating aspect in your BDSM practice. In that case, the Beginner Friendly Penis Corset is perfect for you.

This beautiful faux leather captures the historical design of a real corset. The stunning details of straps on a crisscross series make it aesthetically pleasing, especially if you're a Domme who loves to look at your Sub's dick before devouring it.

To make the wearing hassle-free, make sure you get the pubic hair out of the way. Shave the area before wrapping it with the faux leather sheath. After that, you can now install the cock gripper and tie the straps according to your preferred comfort level. A tighter cock restraint means more pressure around the sensitive area of the groin, bringing blood to the glans. As a result, you will enjoy a more robust cock, that is extra delicate and ready for your wicked plans.

But because you are an extra biatch, you will enjoy the leash you can attach to your Sub's thigh. It is made of nylon, and the fasteners are adjustable. Ensure the bands are placed properly before locking them in place. This addition levels up the whole experience from good to extraordinary. This thigh belt will lock your Sub to specific positions because, when he moves his thigh around, the corset sheath gets disturbed and tightens more. This irresistible predicament will give ways to punish him, like pushing his leg and tugging his cock. Hear his moans of help as his helpless cock is locked in your absolute mercy!

With all the fun and excitement at bay, you have to discuss safe words and proper protocol when practicing cock and balls torture. Make it a habit to clean your toys, too, before and after each session.

Making a sultry aura entails you going outside of your comfort zone. So make it count with this addition. Add this to your purchase today!


Color/Type Black
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Diameter: Adjustable
Weight: 0.09 lb.