Beads and Strings Geisha Balls
Beads and Strings Geisha Balls
Beads and Strings Geisha Balls

What's better than two ben wa balls? We'll tell you what: a string of Geisha balls! Our Beads and Strings Geisha Balls will leave you confused but amused at the same time. Transform your boring sex life and be even more irresistible when you start working on your love entrance.

When we say "working on", we mean "working out"! Here's a trivia question for you: did you know that your vagina can and should be working out? Shocker, but it's true. What we're referring to is called Kegel exercises. Kegel exercising involves inserting a Kegel tool into your vagina and contracting your vaginal walls to hold the tool in. This method of workout strengthens your pelvic floor muscles.

When your pelvic floor muscles are trained, you'll be rewarded with a lot of benefits in return. Probably the main reason why women do Kegel exercises is that it makes their vagina tighter. Of course, a tighter vagina means more stimulating and satisfying sex, and your partner will notice this as well.

Your pelvic floor muscles are also responsible for housing your urinary and rectal system. So working those muscles out also provides health benefits for the organs involved. If you are suffering from urinary incontinence, using this device can help you recover from it. It can also help you prevent that condition if you don't have it and other deterrent health hazards too.

These Beads and Strings Geisha Balls are made from ABS and metal. The balls you see are the ones made from ABS whilst there is a smaller metal ball inside each that bounces and hits the outer balls. This causes friction and is responsible for the stimulation.

While we'd love to educate you more about what these geisha balls can do for you, the best way to experience all the benefits is to try it out for yourself. So get your own Beads and Strings Geisha Balls now!

Color Purple
Type Geisha Balls
Material ABS, Metal
Dimensions (in.)


2.17 in.


1.34 in.


Beads and Strings Geisha Balls

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  • $79.99

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