Beaded Stainless Urethral Prince Wand

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How far will you go to achieve immeasurable pleasure? You can never go back to your basic masturbation routine, that is why you are here searching for the next big thing for when the flesh calls. Lovegasm's Beaded Stainless Urethral Prince Wand will end your search as it's made to satisfy your sexual desires.

Elevate your cock-stuffing gameplay and go big with this plug's length of 9.84 inches. It's guaranteed to reach all the right spots through your urethral wall to reward you with a satisfying jerk-off time. Lovegasm would love to always meet your high standards; that is why we use high-quality stainless-steel to produce these excellent plugs.

The shaft is designed to have beads that are 0.23 to 0.30-inch thick. Its curved shaft is beaded from the tip to the base handle, so you can experience wild urethral wall stimulation in every push and pull of this Beaded Stainless Urethral Prince Wand.

Always sanitize your Beaded Stainless Urethral Prince Wand before and after each use. One good practice is to put it in a pot with boiling water and use some antibacterial soap. Also, sanitize your hands and your cock and around it to avoid infection. Make yourself comfortable enough, but maintain a flaccid cock for easy insertion. The help of a good-quality lubricant is needed on your pee hole and the shaft of this sound. Once it is fully inserted, you may start fucking your cock, and all that's left to do is enjoy. The feeling of ejaculating before you shoot some milky cum is unparalleled, so we are telling you that you are on the right path, so savor every moment of it.

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Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Urethral sounds, Stainless steel sounds, Beaded sounds
Dimension (inches) 9.84" x 0.30"
Length: 9.84 inches
Width: 0.30 inch