Beaded Silicone Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long


If you want to catch the attention of your master, then you must wear our Beaded Silicone Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long. Not only that, it will add another layer of wildness to your personality, but it will also satisfy your thirst for some really good anal stimulation.

This anal plug features a majestic tail that is approximately 14.56 inches long. The length is made perfect because of high-quality wool that is soft and flowy. You will be happy to know that this variant comes in two colors of gray and yellow that will perfectly suit your foxy personality.

While this anal plug's tail is designed to decorate you to become a full-blown fox, don't set aside the fact that the actual plug has three beads that will blow your mind because of the sensation that you would feel while wearing it. The bead that goes in first is 0.62-inch thick, followed by 0.86-inch, and then the last one is 1.10 inches. These beads also keep the tail snugged in your anus to prevent the tail from popping out while giving you the freedom to twist it to find the right angle.

The possibilities are endless when you wear this tail plug. It's so elegant that it can perfectly complement any outfit that you can think of. A pair of fox ears, furry gloves, and some fancy socks would unleash that wild creature inside you. Make your tail the highlight of the night as you use it to tease your master and cue for an invitation to enter you from behind.

Here at Lovegasm, we only want what's best for you and what stimulates your creativity. So, take our advice that this Beaded Silicone Tail Butt Plug 17 Inches Long is your next great buy. Make sure to click that add to cart button now!

Color Grey, Yellow
Type Tail Plug

Handle: Synthetic Fur

Plug: TPR (Silicone)



tail: 14.56 inches

plug: 3.42 inches


Tail: n/a

plug: 0.62, 0.86, 1.10 inch