Bead Style Glass Butt Plug 3.35 to 3.74 Inches Long

If you like a taste for elegance, you’ll love this Bead Style Glass Butt Plug 3.35 to 3.74 Inches Long as part of your collection. 

The product is offered in three popular colors—pink, green, and blue. It also comes in two sizes to choose from: big and small. The big size has a total length of 3.54 inches and a circumference of 1.38 inches while the small size is 3.35 inches long and 1.10 inches wide. Given these options, there’s one that suits your needs. Just remember that glass is stiff and won’t flex when you want it to. This rigidity, plus its weight, make it a challenge for a novice to begin with. But if you’re one who loves to overcome challenges, you’re most welcome to give this butt plug a try. 

You might be wondering which one would go inside the bum as it seems to have two heads. Well, the one with a tapered end is meant for anal exploration. Meanwhile, the sphere on the other end will serve as a stopper to prevent the entire thing from traveling any further. Yes, you have to stop pushing when your sphincter is already embracing the neck of this plug.

You may think that everything made of glass is fragile and playing with a sex toy made of glass can be risky. Point taken; that’s why we’ve reinforced the tensile strength of the glass used to manufacture this product. If you trust Pyrex, then you can trust this anal prober as well because it’s made from the same type of glass called borosilicate. Handle it properly and use it as directed and your anus will be fine. 

For a lot of people, nothing is sexy about the anus as it’s used to expel poop. But have you ever asked yourself why it’s placed right next to our genitals? Because that, too, is a powerhouse of nerve endings waiting to be stimulated.

Are you in for some erotic anal treat? We bet you are! Buy the Bead Style Glass Butt Plug 3.35 to 3.74 Inches Long now!
Color Pink, Green, Blue
Type Butt Plug

Handle: N/A

Plug: Borosilicate Glass



handle: N/A


Large: 3.54 inches

Small: 3.35 inches



Large: 1.38 inches

Small: 1.10 inches

plug: N/A