Balled Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound
Balled Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound
Balled Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound
Balled Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound
Balled Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound

Bigger and harder is better, right? We won’t argue with that. But being a woman that you are, you’re still clueless on how to make your man bigger and harder for a longer sex play. Well, we’re here to help and give away some little secret to fire up your bed with flaming desire and passion. Sit tight and read on.

Meet the Balled Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound, a metal rod designed to give your man a mighty phallus that can hurdle an extra mile! Its length is perfect for beginners and its bumpy texture is something that intermediate users will find sensational. Its diameter is 0.31”, a nice thickness to stuff the urethral opening where 4000 nerve endings wait for the great awakening.

The design of this penis plug is not only meant for the eyes to adore because it’s designed in a way where each part of it has an important role to play. The tapered tip is for ease of insertion, the bumps to enrich the titillations, the hook to prevent slippage, and the ball to sit on the glans, giving more stimulation on your cock head from the outside. Rotate the penis plug when inserted and this ball will make your man euphoric.

With a premium stainless build, this penis plug is sure to give you a lifetime of bliss. Don’t hesitate to put this inside your man’s member because it’s phthalates-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

Give your man the best penis plug experience by ensuring everything is sanitized. Use sterile water-soluble lube because it’s the safest lube for your man’s delicate urethra. Most of all, be gentle. Once it’s in, stroke his member and he’ll quiver. Watch it grow bigger and harder, then give him the wetness from your mouth. When you can’t take the heat any longer, pull out the plug and claim your reward!

There’s a sure way to make physical intimacy blazing. Buy this penis plug for your complete satisfaction!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Solid Penis Plug
Dimension (inches)
Length: 1.97”
Width: 0.31”


Balled Urethral Play Stainless Steel Sound

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