Attractive Skull Sexy Pasties
Attractive Skull Sexy Pasties
Attractive Skull Sexy Pasties

You only wear bras when it’s needed, like when you’re going out—because your nipples are blessed with so much sensitivity that it gets erect even in the slightest blow of cold wind. Somehow, you still don’t feel comfortable with all the promise of support all the wires and straps give you. It’s safe to say that you and your bras are the worst enemies. You want to give nipple covers a try, but shiny glitters and girly flowers aren’t your things. Don’t get frustrated because you can get the same functionality while keeping your edgy side with the Attractive Skull Sexy Pasties.

If there’s a nipple cover that’s made for rebels like you, this is it. They’re made of high-quality nylon, so you’re sure that your nipples won’t create a scene and make things awkward for you. These pasties are wide enough to cover your whole areolae so you can be worry-free when going out and about sans brassiere. They come in three classic colors: Black, Purple, and Skin. Flat and discreet, they feel natural on your skin. Indeed, things can’t get any better than this!

If you’re a newbie in wearing nipple covers, then here’s a quick walkthrough. Make sure to clean your nipples and areolae. Taking a shower is nice, too! Then, dry the area thoroughly. If you’re fond of skin care products like moisturizers and lotion, be keen not to apply them to the places you want to be covered. The adhesives stick best on a dry surface, so these steps should be observed. When you’re squeaky clean, take your pasties and peel off the plastic sheet at the back to reveal the adhesive. Place them carefully on your nipples and press it firmly on your areolae.

Ditch your bras forever and be a total rockstar with the Attractive Skull Sexy Pasties. Add these to your cart now!

Color Black, Purple, Skin
Material Nylon
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A


Attractive Skull Sexy Pasties

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