Arrow Stricken Heart Nipple Clamps

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Lovegasm will always indulge you with your desire to feel good. However, if you are someone with an exquisite taste in accessories, and at the same time have a passion for some orgasmic stimulation, then our Arrow Stricken Heart Nipple Clamps is the best for you. They feature an elegant design and the functionality of a nipple clamp to make you satisfied.

With our Arrow Stricken Heart Nipple Clamps' elegant design, your heart is not the only thing that will be captured. Your sensitive nipples are home to tons of nerves. That is why when played with, it gives you mind-blowing sensations. Now, imagine being restricted with that pleasure for a few minutes, then suddenly rewarded with it.

This is how nipple clamps work; it restricts blood flow to your fully-erect nipples for a few minutes making them extra sensitive for stimulation. When it's finally time to take them off, the blood flow rushes and give you another round of sensations beyond imagination.

Each piece of this Arrow Stricken Heart Nipple Clamps is made of high-quality metal. Polished to achieve a shiny finish, it will perfectly complement your beautiful naked body when worn. It's got a shape of a heart with an arrow pierced through it that also serves as clamps. Each clamp measures at 0.86-inch long while the hearts measure 1.45 inches in width. To make it even more elegant, we added two 0.07-inch hanging gold metal beads that clank when you are in the middle of some good fucking.

Jump into the world of nipple clamp play and experience a whole new exciting sexual stimulation. There is only one thing left for you to do now, and that is adding this Arrow Stricken Heart Nipple Clamps to your cart now!

Color Silver and Gold
Material Metal
Type Heart Nipple Clamps
Dimension (inches)
Length: 2.76 in.
Width: 0.87 in.
Weight: N/A