Anal Delight Prostate Massage Device
Anal Delight Prostate Massage Device
Anal Delight Prostate Massage Device
Anal Delight Prostate Massage Device

You miss him, and you can feel it in your flesh. Your honey satisfied your hungry calls and never disappointed you. Now that he is far from you, you miss his dick inside your sweet spots. But your hands can't replace that sweet caress. You have to feel that girth inside, as soon as possible.

Stop that daydreaming and give real solutions to your longing! Let our Anal Delight Prostate Massage Device be your new buddy to make your kinky fantasies come to life. You don't need anything else when you have this in your collection. This fantastic piece is made of quality silicone that is prized for its natural feeling when grazed over the body's sensitive areas. Silicone is also a nonporous material that will allow easy cleaning with no weird smell.

The 7.09-inch toy will not disappoint and will hit that hungry P-spot. This area is located just two centimeters inside the rectum, so it is a bit tricky to strike. But, when you have this measure as your phallus, you are sure to reach that sweet point. Also, this particular variant has a convenient handle for you to maneuver this toy as you play. The tips have a textured end to add that extra sensation as you place this over the body's sensitive areas.

When playing with this item, make sure you prepare and wash your ass thoroughly with soap and water. It will also be useful to use a condom to make it easier for you to do more natural aftercare. Another advice is to never skimp on your water-soluble lubricant. Your ass does not produce its lubrication, so you have to make sure you add lots of it to your toy and on the surface of your bum too.

You can elevate the ass experience by activating the vibrating option. That's going from soft erotic touches to fast humping with just a click of a button!

Don't let loneliness get you down. Grab this lovely piece today!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 7.09 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.42 inches

Anal Delight Prostate Massage Device

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