Alluring Pussycat Silicone Tail Butt Plug 19 Inches Long


Are you a cat lover?  And we mean a true cat enthusiast?  How about trying on our Alluring Pussycat Silicone Tail Butt Plug 19 Inches Long to incorporate on your next sex-capade?  Made from premium silicone, the plug of this toy will be perfect if you are just starting on your butt plug journey.  Silicone is a bendable but a very sturdy material that will let you enjoy this tool for a long time with proper care and storage.  We also made sure to prevent any mishap from losing the plug inside the anal canal by adding a flared base.  Attached to the base is a very lush and elegant synthetic cat fur that will ignite the animalistic fire in you!  This will be a perfect touch to your role-playing sexual fun!

These toys are enjoyed in so many different ways.  You can actually start your anal sex by inserting this plug inside the ass to warm it up.  By placing it in the bum, the tight sphincters are not just stimulated but they are slowly opening up!  When your partner finally fills your behind, it is all ready for that good ass fuck.

Ladies, do not fret as this plug is for you too! Yes, that is right, give your sex life a little hand when you insert a plug inside the ass. It will fill up your bum and massage the deepest corners of the anal canal that is filled with erogenous nerve endings. Your partner will also feel your vagina a little tighter as the plug is narrowing the space between the pussy and anal canal. Feel each thrust build into a massive explosion of pleasure like you have never felt before!

Be your wildest self and enjoy every minute of it! With our Alluring Pussycat Silicone Tail Butt Plug 19 Inches Long, you can be anything you want to be and more!

Color Black
Type Tail Plug

Handle:  Faux Fur

Plug:  Silicone



Handle: 14.96 inches

Plug: 4.33 inches


Handle: N/A

Plug: 1.50 inches