Adjustable Single Cup Nipple Pump
Adjustable Single Cup Nipple Pump
Adjustable Single Cup Nipple Pump
Adjustable Single Cup Nipple Pump
Adjustable Single Cup Nipple Pump

Who says guys are the only ones that can have all the pumping fun? With this beginner-friendly pumping kit, you can enjoy this sensation and more!

The Adjustable Single Cup Nipple Pump features a small tank and a pump connected by a blue cord. The small tank cups your nipple, while the pump lets you control the pressure—and pleasure—all by yourself. These parts make use of body-safe materials, such as ABS and silicone. Both materials are skin-friendly, for they are hypoallergenic and non-toxic.

They are also waterproof, enabling you to use this kit in the shower or the tub. They are also non-porous, guaranteeing you that its surface will remain bacteria-free.

Now the question is, how do you use this joy toy? First, you need to find a comfortable position. You can get down on all fours or lay down on your bed or stand up. Tease your sweet, juicy nubbin by massaging your breasts and pinching the dugs. When you’re ready, put the tank onto your nipple and pump away! The result? You’ll have an erect nipple that’s sensitive to every caress, flick, and nibble! Furthermore, you’ll get to experience mind-blowing nipplegasms.

When the game is over, wash it thoroughly with mild soap and warm water. Wipe it dry with a soft, clean cloth, then keep it in a cool, dark place.

This pumping kit is primarily for nipples, but you can use it on your clit, too! Just do the same process on your love button, and in a couple of minutes, you’ll find yourself floating on a cloud of pleasure.

With all these features and benefits, you have no reason to look further than this Adjustable Single Cup Nipple Pump. So click either the “Buy It Now” or the “Add to Cart” button! We will ship your order in a discreet package.

Color Blue, Black, Transparent
Material Silicone
Dimension (inches)
Tube- 10.43 inches (26.5 cm)
Hand Pump- 8.85 inches (22.5 cm)
Diameter: 0.71 inch (1.8 cm)


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Adjustable Single Cup Nipple Pump

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