Adjustable Rubber-Tipped Nipple Clamps With Tassel

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Have you watched erotic films where the girl (or the guy) has been erotically tortured with a pair of nipple clamps? Well, you can re-enact those scenes by getting such tools and level them up with the addition of a tassel! The question is – what product should you get?

We give you our Adjustable Rubber-Tipped Nipple Clamps With Tassel! This pair of clamps will surely awaken your lover’s senses once he/she sees you wearing them. These nipple clamps have alligator-type clips that are made of metal. Metal is an ideal material for nipple clamps because they are durable and sturdy.

Our Adjustable Rubber-tipped Nipple Clamps with Tassel also feature tassels made of cotton strings. You have three colors to choose from, such as bold black, ravishing red, and pretty purple. Whatever hue you want, you will surely get a color that will suit your personality.

The tassels are tied to a metal ring where the alligator clips are attached. The length of these tassels is perfect to keep them swinging with every move you make.

In addition, these clamps have rounded screws on each clamp that you can use to adjust the tightness or looseness of the clamp on your nipples. The tightening action produces a numbing sensation that can heighten the feeling of your other erogenous body parts.

Plus, our very fashionable nipple clamps also have black rubberized tips that protect your nipples from chafing and prevent unwanted scratches.

Another function of the rubberized tips is to prevent the clamp from slipping off your nipples. We always keep in mind your comfort and safety in the manufacture of all our products.

Release your submissive side by wearing our Adjustable Rubber-Tipped Nipple Clamps With Tassel. Add this to your cart today!

Color Black, Red, Purple

Clamps: Metal

Tassel: String

Type Nipple Clamp with Tassels
Dimension (inches)
Length: One Size
Width: One Size
Weight: N/A