Adjustable Mini Vibrating Thong
Adjustable Mini Vibrating Thong
Adjustable Mini Vibrating Thong
Adjustable Mini Vibrating Thong
Adjustable Mini Vibrating Thong

Caution. The product is designed to be powerfully stimulating, so get ready for blissful endings.

Our Adjustable Mini Vibrating Thong will turn your boring sex play into thrilling sexcapades!

Set your foreplay on fire with this vibrating underwear because it will surely arouse you with its vibration while it makes him drool with lust as he watches you writhe with pleasure.

The panty is made of nylon, a durable, elastic, and stretchable fabric. With adjustable straps, we are sure it will fit you wonderfully.

Look temptingly sexy with this underwear, and do not forget to put the vibrating egg into its pocket. A wire connects the vibe to its controller, and it is long enough for easy operation.

Take delight in exploring different vibration frequencies by twisting the flower-shaped knob. The egg is made of ABS, a type of material that effectively conducts vibration.

The pink egg may be small, but it is a versatile toy. Besides being a part of vibrating underwear, you can place it directly against your clit or insert it into your pussy if you want to use it for Kegel exercises. Or you can use it to tease your partner during foreplay. This pink egg is indeed perfect for getting you in the mood for sexy time.

Lie down or sit on a couch with your legs wide open. Let your partner enjoy your show, and don't forget to moan. You don't have to fake it because, with its delicious goodness, you can't help moaning and whimpering.

Smelling fresh and staying safe from bacterial infection should not be set aside. Make sure to wash the underwear after every use with mild soap, then rinse thoroughly. Hang to dry to maintain its good quality. As for the egg, it is best to use a wet tissue to wipe it clean or use a cotton pad with alcohol to disinfect it.

Grab your vibrating underwear now!

Color Black (Underwear)
Pink (Vibrator)
Material ABS (Vibrator)
Nylon (Underwear)
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A


Adjustable Mini Vibrating Thong

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