Adjustable Alloy Nipple Clamps With Detachable Chain

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Love to do sex roleplay? Include these Adjustable Alloy Nipple Clamps with Detachable Chain into your sex play and make your lover scream with pleasure!

These clamps are the perfect addition to your fetish sex routines. Not only does it look elegant, it inflicts pain and pleasure, which are what BDSM is about.

Our Alloy Nipple Clamps feature two flower-designed clamps with screws on each side and a long metal chain. The flower-like clips can serve as pieces of silver jewelry for your nips because of their chic design. Still, their primary purpose is to stimulate the nerves on your breasts.

Like any other nipple clamps, these clamps put pressure on your titties. When the screws are pushed over your dom poms, it prevents the flood from flowing onto your sensitive nipples. But when the pins are removed, the blood instantly rushes through your boobs, making those enticing nips of yours erect and responsive to hand and tongue strokes.

These fabulous clamps also come with a detachable metal chain. This feature enhances your nipple play, as it allows you to add pressure and sensation to your boobnobs. You have to pull the metal string to apply tension and erotic pain onto your small sensitive chest raisins. Doing so will make you scream with erotic bliss!

Our Alloy Nipple Clamps With Detachable Chain is ideal for couple's play. These sex tools let you bring out the sub and dom in you and your partner by giving tension on your nipples before playing with them.

They're also the perfect toys for women during masturbation. The clamps can provide the same sensations you've felt whenever you play your clit; thus, leading to better orgasms.

Our Adjustable Alloy Nipple Clamps With Detachable Chain are sure to level up your sex play. Grab a set now and experience the most explosive nipplegasm of your life!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Nipple Clamps with Chain
Dimension (inches)
Length: 11.81 in.
Width: 1.65 in.
Weight: 0.09 lbs.