Acrylic Clear Nipple Rings 6-piece Set
Acrylic Clear Nipple Rings 6-piece Set
Acrylic Clear Nipple Rings 6-piece Set
Acrylic Clear Nipple Rings 6-piece Set

Acrylic Clear Nipple Rings 6-piece Set

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You have big racks, and there is no denying it. The attention you get when you dress the girls up is just remarkable. Even your man can't deny the excitement he gets whenever he sees them!

Through the years, however, wearing low-neck outfits is becoming old. You want to highlight your tits without revealing too much skin. Well, how about you explore the Acrylic Clear Nipple Rings 6-piece Set and see how these pieces give you a total make-over?

Those perky nipples are going to love these soft yet versatile pieces. The acrylic material feels fantastic as they are more malleable and soft than steel options. But make no mistake, acrylics are durable even for extended use.

The straightforward design makes it a practical accessory to bring with you on quick dates or meet-ups. This set of 6 offers you options on where you want to wear these trinkets. You can easily loosen up the ball safety before sliding the ring inside the pierced area. Once you are satisfied with the ring placement on your tits, lock the ornament in place by placing back the safety bar.

Your breasts will be the queen at any get-togethers with these adornments in place. Even when wearing clothes, your perkiness will peek through and make onlookers stare!

Of course, sexy time will be extra because this ring will boost the sensitivity of your boobs. All your lover needs to do is breathe near your tit, and they are fully attentive!

Then, whenever you remove them, wipe the pieces with a disinfectant. Keep this safe in a separate pouch when not in use. The soft material entails careful storage. Avoid heat and moisture exposure as it will damage the material.

Make your boobs as desirable as ever, minus the revealing clothes! Make sure you grab this pack today!

Color Clear
Material Acrylic
Dimension Length: N/A
Bar: 0.047 inch (1.2mm) (16G)
Gap inside the circle: 0.31 inch (8mm)
Ball: 0.19 inch (5mm)
Package Inclusion 6 Pieces of Nipple Rings