8-speed Leaf Design Vibrating Ben Wa Balls


Are you a nature lover? Do you love gardening and exploring the outdoors? Well, we have a vibrating Ben Wa Ball that is suited to your “Green Thumb” personality. This amazing ball is so technologically advanced that it can be controlled via a mobile app! Long-distance lovers will definitely get a kick out of using this.

We introduce you to our 8-Speed Leaf Design Vibrating Ben Wa Ball that comes in two pretty colors of green and pink. This has a delicate leaf design that looks so realistic with its veins and curved edges. This has dimensions of 3.90 inches in length and 1.69 inches in width. The size is just right for insertion into your vagina and will surely fill in the gaps.

An additional feature of the vibrator is that you can choose from its eight different vibration frequency modes to control its movements. It also has a pinhole-type charging port that you can recharge via USB cable. Power the vibrator via your laptop, car charger, or power adapter. This vibrator has a 280 mAh battery which can be fully charged in two hours and can be used for 40 minutes.

Furthermore, this 8-Speed Leaf Design Vibrating Ben Wa Ball is quiet to use and registers sounds of up to 50 decibels only. A revving engine of a motor vehicle is louder than this gadget.

Weighing in at only 58 grams, you can put it in your purse and bring it anywhere you wish. Plus, you can control the movements of the vibrator by installing the mobile app on your cellphone. What a treat for lovers in long-distance relationships because you can play with your girl, even while in another location or country. Get to see your girl’s reaction via your mobile phone or your computer’s webcam. This is an amazing sex toy, indeed!

Treat yourself by purchasing our 8-Speed Leaf Design Vibrating Ben Wa Ball now!

Color Pink, Green
Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone, ABS
Dimensions (in.)


3.90 inches


1.69 inches