6 Sizes Suction Plastic Nipple Clamp 1 Pc

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If your nipples are too cute for your partner, there's no need to feel disappointed. We have a remedy that does not require painful surgery and will not cost you a fortune. Our 6 Sizes Suction Plastic Nipple Clamp 1 Pc offers a convenient and hassle-free method of enlarging your teats.

You can now make your nipples more prominent and tauter and have titillating fun while you're at it. Pump your areola and make your teats more sensitive with the help of our 6 Sizes Suction Plastic Nipple Clamp 1 Pc. Aside from enhancing your boobies, this tool can also help warm you up for a more raging sex-capade with your partner.

If you're wondering how it works, the answer is quite simple. With the help of these clamps, you can constrict the blood flow in your breast area, thus making them extra sensitive to the touch. Releasing the pressure will trigger a sudden rush of blood, causing a burst of sensations. Have your partner lick them, and you'll notice that each stroke feels more arousing and intense than usual. An increased level of sex drive can make your lovemaking more passionate and satisfying.

For safety reasons, it is advisable to use water-based lube before attaching the clamp. You'll also appreciate the sensations more as lube can make your nipples extra susceptible to stimulation. Also, be mindful of the time as you should not wear the clamp for longer than 20 minutes.

There are 6 sizes available to make sure that there's a one to fit your teat. It is also imperative to keep proper hygiene by cleaning your toy before and after each use. Keep in mind that placing one order will mean that you will receive one clamp.

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Color/Type Transparent
Material Plastic
Dimension Length: N/A
No. 1 - 0.78 inch (2.00cm) inner diameter, 1.14 inches (2.90cm) outer diameter
No. 2 - 0.98 inch (2.50cm) inner diameter, 1.50 inches (3.80cm) outer diameter
No. 3 - 1.22 inches (3.10cm) inner diameter, 1.73 inches (4.40cm) outer diameter
No. 4 - 1.56 inches (3.90cm) inner diameter, 2.09 inches (5.30cm) outer diameter
No. 5 - 1.97 inches (5.00cm) inner diameter, 2.52 inches (6.40cm) outer diameter
No. 6 - 2.32 inches (5.90cm) inner diameter, 2.87 inches (7.30cm) outer diameter