3D Rose Erotic Silicone Pasties

3D Rose Erotic Silicone Pasties

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You can't go wrong with roses and chocolate because women love them. But you want to be different and give her something extraordinary, something that she'll appreciate more because it pleases you, too. If that's what you need, then search no further. Our 3D Rose Erotic Silicone Pasties are all you need to put a smile on your lover's face while firing up your libido.

Let your special nights be more romantic and erotic by asking her to put on these unwithering roses under see-through lingerie. With realistic layers of petals, these roses will adorn her bosom like a fairy you've seen in your dreams. These roses use fabric as their primary material, so they won't dry up and wither. The nipple covers come with silicone adhesive to hold them securely in place. This adhesive has a staying power and can last for several uses.

You lady's nipples are delicate, so we made sure the product won't cause any harsh skin rashes. Tell your lady to clean her nipples and dry them well before pressing these on to her tits. Doing this will help them stick better.

Since these pasties are reusable, it's best to keep them clean at all times. Let her know that these are washable, and it's best to use warm water and mild soap. Using a hairdryer will shorten the shelf life of the adhesive, so it's best to let the pasties dry naturally. Once they're dry, you have to put them in a container that won't deform the roses and damage the adhesive.

Red symbolizes passion and burning desire, so these rose-themed red nipple covers are perfect to set the right mood. For a gift that won't disappoint her, this pair is the right choice. Make her bosom lovelier than ever with rose blooms. Add these to your cart now so she can wear them soon.


Color Red
Material Silicone Adhesive
Fabric (Rose)
Dimension (inches)
Length: N/A
Width: N/A