Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder 9pcs Set
Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder 9pcs Set
Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder 9pcs Set

Have an ever-growing collection of beautiful yoni eggs? Introducing…the Wooden Yoni Egg Holder 9pcs Set! Give each of your yoni eggs the right pedestal so that they can be displayed and showcased beautifully on your altar of crystals.

Each wooden stand is hand-carved, making every stand unique and different. They can support medium to large-sized yoni eggs, holding them upright and activated when they’re not busy working out your PC muscles. Each wooden base has a round dish-like top where an egg is placed upright with the bigger end sitting snugly on it.  They all have solid bottoms so that they remain steady on any flat surface, making sure that your eggs are safe.

All the wooden stands are given a shiny finish to make them suitable for all your beautifully carved yoni eggs. And what a better way to showcase your stunning crystals of any shade than these elegant wooden bases? So, bring out all your gemstone eggs and spherical stones with 1.18 inches to 1.96 inches in circumference and let their energies bring healing and positive energies.

Nine wooden stands — why would you buy a set of them when you only have one yoni egg? You may only have one at the moment. However, as you discover that gemstones have different powers and healing properties, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to collect most of them. Crystal experts also believe that crystals work at their best with the support of other gemstones.

Yoni eggs are carved from gemstones that have the power to heal, transform, and bring good vibes. Why should you keep them hidden and inactive in drawers or in boxes? Let them adorn your nightstand or desk by having these handcrafted wooden stands give support to your resplendent crystals. Buy one now!

Color Brown
Material Wood
Size (inches) Can support medium and large yoni eggs
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits N/A


Wooden Yoni Eggs Holder 9pcs Set

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