Yoni eggs holder

Yoni eggs are amazing, aren't they? They provide peace, protect you, guide you in both the physical world and the spiritual realm. Best of all, they give your sacred space a meditation of its own. These gems are powerful, but they're even more so when you've harnessed their full potential.

These precious stones are harvested from the earth, which gives them their power. They can be found mostly in natural resources: over the mountains, by the riverside, under the flowing stream. Others can be difficult to attain: inside deep and dark caves, under the ocean, and even near volcanoes.

The earth has an amazingly natural way of healing itself. Just think of how amazing it is that's it's passing on its powers to us. In the form of crystals, they can be used in motion or at rest. They steadily give off their positive energy, actively changing the vibes around it, and affecting anyone who's near it.

But creating these take a process, and the world is involved in it. The minerals are harvested, still in their jagged texture with rough and uneven edges. The stones are also taken in large quantities, so there are big chunks in substantial sizes.

First, the minerals are cut down into smaller pieces—almost the length of your finger. Then, they're carved into egg shapes, spheres, or even other things like massagers and rods. Finally, they're polished to perfection, until they start to reveal that brilliant luster and shine we've all come to love.

Our products came from this process. Each one is crafted and polished by hand to make them free from rough edges and nicks, and they're sanitized to make sure that they're free from any specks of dirt and harmful elements. This collection is a little different since they all come in a wooden base for you to prop them up when they're not in use.

The stands are made from premium wood. Like the eggs, these are also handmade, molded and crafted to perfection, painted in classic dark colors, and varnished to shine.

Take a quick look, and you'll see different hues of the stones. Each egg is different. The gems are found in various places, so their types also vary. The most common ones that you'll see are quartz and agate, both of which are also classes on their own.

Even if you buy two or more of the same product, don't be surprised when they don't exactly look alike, because they're not supposed to. The minerals have different swirls and patterns, so when they're cut and carved, it's highly likely that each piece will have different markings also.

Pick a stone that you are most drawn to. You can take a moment to meditate over it. Take your time. No rush. Crystals have a powerful attraction to those who they believe are worthy to bestow their power upon.

Whether you need a fresh set of yoni eggs, or you are looking for a holder to prop your stone upon its throne, this collection has everything you need.

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