Yoni Eggs

Treat yourself to a little sexual healing with our fantastic range of yoni crystals. These sacred and powerful stones have been used for thousands of years to help women physically, mentally, and even spiritually.

The word yoni translates from ancient sanskrit to literally mean womb. Yoni eggs are small egg shaped stones designed to be worn inside a woman's vagina. Originally reserved for the consorts of Chinese Royalty, now anyone can experience the many benefits these great stones have to offer!

Yoni Crystals

The most striking thing you'll notice when you first browse yoni egg is the fantastic selection of beautiful crystals to choose from. For some the choice is a simple matter of picking the stone they like the look of, but for others this decision can be much more important. Each crystal is said to carry specific powers and abilities which can help you in your everyday life.


I've you've ever heard of any kind of yoni egg before, chances are you will have seen a Jade egg. These are the most popular of all, and were made even more famous by Gwyneth Paltrow in recent years. A mystical stone famed for its spiritual power and healing properties, jade is commonly the first stone women use as they begin to become more spiritually aware. It can be used to absorb toxins, heal emotional trauma, and aid with recovery from physical injuries.


Taking on a vibrant pink hue, Rose Quartz eggs are definitely some of the most visually attractive stones. This stone is thought of as the feminine stone of love, and will help in matters of the heart. Throughout history, artists and musicians would commonly carry Rose Quartz talismans to provide inspiration and energy for their work. It also carries a strong relationship to a woman's heart, and her yoni, making this a firm favourite for many.


Staring into an Obsidian egg can often feel like staring into a void, the darkness going on forever. Behind this veil, each crystal carries it's own set of secrets, truths, and knowledge. Using one can help you learn more about your inner self, and these are even sometimes referred to as "Black Mirror" stones. Obsidian is also one of the hardest materials on Earth, and was commonly used to create weapons in the past. This strength can help to protect and guide you in your life while using your egg.

Benefits of Yoni Eggs

The Ancient beliefs behind yoni eggs date back thousands of year, and they were originally used to strengthen the vaginal muscles. Taoists believed the key to a strong and healthy life for a woman was to have a strong and healthy vagina. While their reasoning may have been tied to their spiritualist beliefs, here in the 21st Century we have found similar thoughts to be true.

Kegel Exercises and Pelvic Floor Muscles

The primary way women are encouraged to maintain their vaginal health nowadays is through Kegel exercises (or pelvic floor exercises). These are simple exercises which consist of tensing and releasing the muscles across the bottom of the torso. Doing so can help to strengthen each muscle of this impressive network, which naturally degrades over the course of a woman's life.

Yoni eggs can train these muscles in a similar way, providing resistance and weight to your muscles. This practice makes the muscles work harder, and can lead to an even more toned and tight feeling vagina.

While a tighter vagina will be enough to convince plenty of women, there are numerous extra benefits that come from paying attention to your vaginal health. These can include:

  • Stronger Orgasms: By toning and strengthening the muscles in and around the vagina, women often find that their orgasms become much more powerful and pleasurable. When a woman reaches orgasm these muscles will tense, clench and spasm. When they are stronger, they are able to do this with much more intensity, so the resulting orgasm feels that much better!
  • Healing After Childbirth: During the natural process of childbirth, a woman's body is put under immense strain. The vagina and pelvic floor muscles in particular are incredibly stressed and will need a lot of TLC after the child is born. A gentle regime of pelvic floor exercises and yoni egg use can help these vital muscles in their healing process. Use of a jade egg is particularly common thanks to the healing properties it is thought to have.
  • Improved Continence: When a person has weak pelvic floor muscles, they are much more at risk of suffering incontinence. This condition can have a serious impact on anyone's life, and often leads to some embarrassing situations. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can reduce this risk, or if you already suffer from the condition it may help to reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

Which Egg Should You Choose?

Choosing your first (or even your tenth!) yoni egg can be a tough process. There are many different decisions to be made, and you should carefully consider what you want from your egg before deciding. Some of the common questions you will need to answer include:

  • Which Crystal? If you're buying an egg to explore the spiritual powers of these ancient stones, then you'll likely want to spend some time researching this decision. The crystal each egg is made out of is said to carry unique mystical properties, which can help you in many different aspects of your life. Consider how you'd like your egg to help you and then search for a crystal which aligns with your goals. Or you could just pick the one you like the look of!
  • Which Size? Our collection includes yoni eggs in a variety of sizes including Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL. Despite what might be your gut instinct, as a beginner you should generally start with larger eggs, and work your way down to smaller sizes as you become more experienced. Large eggs have a greater surface area, which makes it easier for your pelvic floor muscles to grip onto them and hold them in place.
  • Drilled or Not Drilled? A commonly missed aspect of yoni eggs is that you can choose to have them drilled. This means a small hole will be drilled through the egg. You can tie a string through this hole, which can make removing your yoni egg much easier. If you're worried about your egg getting stuck then go with a drilled product.

Using Yoni Eggs

The prospect of putting something inside your vagina to improve your health can be a little intimidating. Luckily, using a yoni egg is a very simple process. It might feel alien and strange at first, but you'll soon get used to it!


If you already have a particularly tight vagina, or suffer from any conditions such as vaginismus, you might want to use a little lubrication. This will make it easier to slide the egg inside your body. Try not to use too much though, as a particularly slippery egg will be much more difficult to hold in place.

Inserting Your Egg

Generally you should insert your egg with the tip facing down. Most women find this direction the easiest to hold their egg once it is inside your body. It's not a rule though, so if you're more comfortable inserting the tip first you can.

Once in position, all you have to do is push the egg inside! It's just like using a tampon or any other sex toy. What you do once it's inside your body is entirely up to you. Those searching for a more spiritual connection to their crystal like to meditate or practise breathing exercises. If you want to strengthen the vaginal muscles you can try exercising while wearing it. Or, if you're a little more on the kinky side, you can try having sex while wearing it!

Removing Your Egg

As your vaginal muscles hold the egg in place, they will naturally begin to tire and lose their energy. When this happens you should remove your egg, as excessive use can cause more harm than good.

Most of the time, a small push with your vaginal muscles is enough to guide the egg back out. This is another reason we recommend inserting it tip down, as it's much easier to push out this way. If this doesn't work, inserting your finger and guiding the egg out is the best way to remove the egg.

For products that come drilled, you can insert a string through the egg which can help you remove it more easily. This should be long enough to let it rest just outside the vagina while wearing the egg. When you want to take it out, simply pull on the string just like you would a tampon.

Bonding with Your Crystal

For those seeking a more spiritual experience from using an egg, a common practise is to spend time bonding with your crystal. This usually involves clearing it (removing negative energy), charging it (with positive energy), and then spending time to connect with the crystals energy.

These three processes are usually done using natural materials or energy, such as plants, incense, waves, sunlight and earth. How you clear, charge and bond with your crystal is entirely up to you though, and many owners have their own unique rituals. If you're looking for inspiration then try some days out when the weather is nice and see where nature takes you!


An often overlooked aspect of yoni eggs is their fantastic appearance. Many of these stones feature deep, rich colors and intense and interesting markings. Putting one on display in a room in your home can provide a unique energy to the space. Some eggs even come with stands to help you display them proudly!

Are Yoni Eggs Safe?

Most of the time this isn't just one question, it's two. What people actually want to know is:

Is Using an Egg Safe?

Now, we know that yoni eggs have gained a lot of bad press in recent years. A simple google search will bring you a huge selection of news and blog articles telling you that there's no science in any of the claims made, and that you shouldn't use a yoni egg at all.

Here at Lovegasm, we don't completely dismiss yoni eggs though. Most of the negative stories you read primarily focus on the claims made by the people selling these eggs, and how people are encouraged to use them (such as sleeping while wearing an egg).

We aren't encouraging you to do anything irresponsible like wearing one all day. If you simply use a yoni egg as a tool to help improve the health of your vaginal muscles, and give your body time to rest and recover, then using yoni eggs is perfectly safe. Treat them just like you would a ben wa ball, vaginal cone, or a tampon. Don't overdo it, and keep it clean!

Are Yoni Crystals Safe?

When it comes to the crystals themselves, there's some arguments amongst fans, critics, and even doctors over what is right. The key point of contention is that the stones can absorb bacteria, which can then infect your body once you insert the egg.

Most yoni crystals are porous, which means that bacteria is able to pass through the surface of the material and get stuck in all the cracks and crevasses. Generally we encourage people to insert non-porous toys and tools as these don't absorb bacteria and can be kept clean and safe much more easily.

However, porous materials are sometimes the only option. You don't need to worry too much though. It's possible to keep a yoni egg just as clean as any other sex toy made out of any other material if you clean it thoroughly and properly every time you use it.

If you notice any areas of discoloration, damage, or signs of bacterial build up you should dispose of your egg and get a new one. This is a sign that the bacteria has got under the surface of the crystal, and will be almost impossible to remove.

Another thing to look out for is toxic crystals. Some yoni crystals contain materials that can be irritating or even harmful to your health when inserted into your body. Most popular crystals are safe, but if you start to explore some of the rarer eggs make sure to thoroughly research the crystal and make sure it isn't going to affect your health negatively.

Whichever yoni egg you get, always clean it before and after you insert it into your body. If you experience any pain or unusual side effects, stop using it and see your doctor.

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