Yoni Eggs

Keep your yoni in great shape and remain a sexual goddess. With the help of a yoni egg, you can invigorate and refresh the source of your sexual pleasure. Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means "sacred space" referring to the female sex organ.

Over time, the vagina becomes droopy, dry, and loose just like a flower withering when it's past its prime. When this happens, you lose your sexual desire, and you also become less desirable in bed. When your vagina loses its youth and vitality, not only intimacy will lose its sparkle and luster, but you'll also relinquish your natural radiance and overall exuberance.

Supercharge your Kegel workout with a yoni egg, and you will defy aging. Never let the passage of time take away your sensuality and allure!
We have a vast collection of Yoni Eggs carved from the best natural stones and crystals that are infused with healing properties. Rose and Clear Quartz, Jade, Black and Snowflake Obsidian, Jasper, and Agate are among the stones and crystals that are excellent materials for our yoni eggs.

Rose Quartz, the Love Stone, is a great heart healer and inspires love. Clear Quartz is known to provide physical, mental, and emotional upliftment while varieties of Obsidians are treasured for their power to protect. Jasper features Mother Nature's artistic design and brings forth grounding and nurturing. Agate, with its incredible beauty and remarkable bands, possesses soothing, gentle vibrations excellent for bringing balance and harmony in your mind, body, and spirit. We also have stunning yoni eggs carved from radiant Carnelian, a stone with the color of the setting sun. Carnelian inspires lasting joy, creativity, passion, and confidence.

If February is your birth month, your birthstone is Amethyst, and you're most likely drawn to its resplendent purple hue. Amethyst is a powerful stress reliever and clears the mind of negative thoughts. In fact, we have a long list of stones and crystals from which our yoni eggs are carved. We've made sure that each yoni egg is handcrafted with great care and polished naturally without the use of harmful chemical enhancers.

Our collection includes a broad spectrum of sizes that include XXL yoni eggs. This is to ensure that a range of needs and experience levels are met and covered. For those who've never tried using yoni eggs, large, XL, and XXL are the appropriate sizes to begin with as these are easy to hold in. Medium-sized yoni eggs are great for intermediate users as well as beginners who are determined to strengthen and tone their PC muscles. Small yoni eggs are used for optimal tightness and firmness desired for the most intense sexual bliss.

Whether you like it egg-shaped or sphere, no problem! We have both designs. We also made sure that there are drilled and undrilled eggs for you to choose from as women have different preferences in this regard. Drilled eggs accommodate retrieval strings for ease of extraction, and they can be transformed into pendants when they're not tucked inside your yoni. On the other hand, undrilled eggs offer the advantage of easy cleanup as there are no holes and string to mind during cleaning. A lot of our eggs come with elegant stands, and if your choices do not have them, you can buy a set of wooden stands also available in our collection. Whatever kind of egg your yoni needs, we got it all for you!

Harness your sexual prowess and love yourself even more with a yoni egg! Browse through our collection now!