White Jade Eggs

If you want a yoni egg that is pure and wholesome in appearance, our White Jade Eggs are not only the perfect choice for you, but they also have other purification secrets in mind.

The mineral Jade originated from China, and it has been used by its people for thousands of years. There are different kinds of Jade hence the different colors. White Jade has a pure milky color although it can also be off-white or cream white.

Like any other yoni egg, white jade eggs help you restore the natural woman you thought was long gone. These eggs can be used by any woman of any age, whatever your sexual lifestyle is. To use them, simply insert an egg into your vagina until it reaches your vaginal walls. Naturally, your walls will try to hold it in, causing them to contract...it's like giving your vagina a workout! As it gets used to the exercise over time, you'll find that your love tunnel is much narrower than it used to be, which will make your partner very happy. Not only that, but your vagina will also become even more sensitive to any stimulation it gets.

But that's not all. Yoni eggs also have other benefits suitable for womanly needs. There are many advantages of working out your pelvic floor muscles, improving not only your sexual organ but your urinary and rectal system as well. They can help prevent and even aid in recovering from certain conditions such as urinary incontinence and bowel issues. It can also help you get through your cycles much quicker, all while easing your menstrual cramps, and even deal with premenstrual symptoms.

The white jade hosts its own unique healing properties other than the common ones. As its shade symbolizes cleanliness and purity, so does the healing benefits it provides. White jade eggs help detoxify the bladder and kidneys, which can help prevent problems in the future. These eggs also help resolve issues in the bones and joints. If you have irregular blood pressure or abnormal blood sugar levels, white jade eggs can also help you with that.

In other aspects such as emotional and spiritual, the white jade is a star on balancing those as well. Using a white jade egg can help stabilize your emotions and remove negative feelings such as anger and bitterness. This gemstone can also ease emotional pain and even anger issues.

There's no doubt that this is the stone for you. Our white jade eggs come in many different sizes and features. You can get an individual egg for your meditation or grab a set if you're really that serious about training with yoni eggs. You also have a choice between drilled or undrilled eggs depending on your preference, or if you like one with a stand better, go ahead and buy it so you can flaunt your egg as a decoration.

Let our white jade eggs be the missing piece to complete the life you thought wouldn't get any better. Shed some light into your sexual routine, your dazzling gemstone awaits!