Unakite Eggs

If you want to absorb the earthly vibe and are entranced with the power of nature, then our Unakite Eggs might be the perfect gemstone for your yoni egg!

Next to diamonds, yoni eggs are a woman's best friend. Not only do they make you feel confident with their healing properties but they also improve your overall health altogether. This mineral perfectly balances the physical and emotional aspects of your body with its nurturing green hue with tones of soft pink.

One of the main reasons why ladies love using yoni eggs is that they help tighten your vaginal walls. When you start working out your pelvic floor muscles using a yoni egg, your vaginal walls contract to keep the egg in place, giving them a workout without you knowing it! As they contract, your love tunnel gets even tighter, which can be a real treat to your partner as sex becomes more and more stimulating!

Unakite is the result of a combination of the stones Epidote and Red Jasper. This is a stone that perfectly captivates anyone who sees it and even more so with the healing properties it possesses. When it's not being used, it can blend in as a modern or classic decoration in any room. Our Unakite eggs can be a great conversation starter to your guests as you talk about its remarkable benefits without going to the sexual part.

Our Unakite eggs focus on the restorative department when it comes to health benefits. It restores tissues that are deteriorating and aids in the growth of healthy ones. Unakite also keeps other organs and systems in your body intact and working properly such as your heart, lungs, blood circulation, and even your metabolism. It keeps your reproductive system healthy and normal by reducing premenstrual symptoms, easing your cycles and enhancing your fertility. This can also help prepare those who will go through labor.

When it comes to emotional healing, Unakite keeps your emotions grounded and stable, helping you prevent stress by looking at the brighter side of life. It guides you to look at things from a positive perspective. You'll find that your negative emotions such as anger and resentment are becoming less and less until they disappear completely.

This also goes with spiritual healing. Once your emotions are taken care of, there's peace within you. The gemstone's healing won't stop there since it will continue to guide you as long as you keep it by your side.

Have we convinced you that our Unakite eggs are more than what meets the eye? It's time for you to find out for yourself and harness the energy they're able to bestow. Choose from our collection of different sizes, whether you prefer drilled or undrilled, an individual or a set. There's a Unakite yoni egg waiting for you!

You will be the goddess of your man's dreams. This gemstone is a complete package for all your womanly needs. Browse through this array and experience the hidden secrets you thought the earth has been keeping from you.