Tiger's Eye Eggs

If you're someone who's always ready to pounce on your partner, you're definitely a fun one to be in bed! Our Tiger's Eye Eggs are perfect for the bedroom beasts and those who want to be.

Little does everyone know, yoni eggs can contribute to a lot of things in your life. A yoni egg is a mineral that's shaped and polished to the shape of a small egg. There are different minerals available such as the Tiger's Eye. To use the yoni egg, simply insert it in your vagina, but not all the way; leave it just in between your vaginal walls and contract until your walls hold it in place. This is called Kegel exercises.

As you get used to doing this on a regular basis, you'll eventually feel your vagina getting tighter and even more sensitive. Your partner will notice this as well, and you'll both be looking forward to making love all the time! Your sexual drive will also increase and your orgasms will feel a lot more satisfying.

If you're a wanna-be mom and you find it difficult to conceive, then yoni eggs could help you achieve your long-awaited desire to get pregnant! Yoni eggs are known to boost your fertility when you use them regularly, increasing your chances of hitting that bull's eye! But they're not just going to leave you hanging there, your yoni egg can also prepare your birth canal for labor.

When you do some Kegel exercises, your pelvic floor muscles are the ones getting a workout. So not only is your inner sex goddess enhanced, but the systems around it are improved as well. You'll find it easier to control your bladder which could also help prevent urinary incontinence in the future. Your menstrual cycles will show improvement, too, as they become easier with lesser premenstrual symptoms and cramps.

When it comes to the specific gemstone, our Tiger's Eye Eggs stay true to their origin. Physical benefits include increasing your vitality and strength. Because tigers are usually known for their sharp eyes and even sharper growl, so does this gemstone focus on the overall health of your eyes and throat while also improving your night vision. Internally, it boosts and normalizes your metabolism and immune system. Tiger's Eye keeps your posture intact by strengthening your spine and helping your body repair broken bones.

Tiger's Eye Eggs also prove themselves to be useful in the mental department by balancing your emotions. This is suitable for women who don't feel emotionally stable and uninspired by improving your focus and helping you unlock your creative side.

Are you ready to absorb the power of the tiger? Then it's time to look through our collection of Tiger's Eye Eggs and choose the one that catches your eyes. We have different sizes available for different levels of yoni egg users. You can choose a drilled egg with a string attachment for easier retrieval or undrilled if you feel that you're confident enough to take control of the egg without help. Whatever you choose, you'll be the master of the bed prowling, making your partner howling!