Take Your Pick Tenga Eggs

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Are you running out of ideas on how to make your solo sessions more exciting? It's time to level up your game with our Take Your Pick Tenga Eggs.

The product comes in six designs to give you options for your delight. The inner surface of each egg is differently textured. Some have ridges and nodules, while others have wavy or grid patterns. Meanwhile, some of the textured designs are great with up and down motion; others are perfect for twisting action.

This pleasure egg is easy to use. Remove the casing, and you'll see the egg-shaped sleeve that feels as smooth as skin. Made of TPE, it's super soft and elastic. It will surely wrap your dong--even when it's long and girthy. Inside, you'll see a packet of lubricant, which you'll need for more sensual and erotic stroking.

Start by filling the hole with the lubricant, then insert your pole into the sleeve. Enjoy a luxurious hand shandy with the egg's richly textured inner surface rubbing against your entire length. Perfect for your me-time relaxation, you can also enjoy it with your honey. Let her dainty hands do the work and ask her to moan or whimper with each stroke.

When playtime is over, dispose of it after using it or clean it properly with tap water. You can also wash the hard shell where you can keep it before storing the toy in a cool, dry place.

Color Green, Purple, Blue,Orange, Rose Pink, Copper
Material TPE
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A