Super Stretchy 6 Pieces Tenga Egg Set

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You're excited about your anniversary. You want to give him a special gift that will enhance his pleasure during his solo moment or time with you in bed. If you haven't found the perfect present, then choose the Super Stretchy 6 Pieces Tenga Egg Set. It contains half a dozen of different sensations!

Give the surprise he's never had in his whole life with these exciting eggs. We know they look like Easter eggs, and that's what makes them easy to hide. Crack one open, and you'll find a soft and squishy egg-shaped pouch. Inside is a packet of lube for one-time use; hence, it's ready to give him a luxurious wanking anytime, anywhere!

The set includes the classic, all-time favorite texture designs: Twister, Stepper, Spider, Silky, Clicker, and Wavy. All of them have a textured inner surface unique to each of them.

Twister has a lengthwise pattern perfect for twisting and rotational motions. Stepper is quite like Wavy only its waves are cut into pieces. You'll enjoy it best with twisting movements.

Our third on the list, Spider, presents a pattern similar to that of a spider's web. It has protruding ribs that run horizontally and vertically, making all kinds of motions sensationally stimulating. Up next is Silky, which has tiny orbital lines. A true definition of "less is more"; this egg lets you do up and down hand movements.

If you're looking for tingly sensations, then you'll enjoy the nubs of the Clicker. Let your fingers work on them! And last but not least is Wavy. It features cascading waves that best stimulate you when you go easy on the grip or use your fingers.

Indulge your guy with variety, and help him out by working those egg-shaped pouches on his cock. For each special night, tuck an egg somewhere for an exciting egg hunt. Buy now!

Color Blue, Green, Purple, Copper, Rose Pink, & Orange
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A