Masturbation Trainer Tenga Egg

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Is she not coming with you on your next holiday? Don't fret! You can always bring with you any of our Masturbation Trainer Tenga Egg to make you happy anytime, anywhere!

Compact and discreet, this masturbator is a reliable wanking ally. It's available in six color variants, so choose whichever piques your fancy. Or why not avail all to experience different kinds of sensations? On the brightly-colored shells are cute emojis that disguise what's inside. If you live in a dorm with other guys, you can leave this lying around without getting them curious about what's inside. With their colors, one would think you are collecting Easter eggs.

What's inside is a surprise as the variants feature different textures. All made of TPE, they're soft as skin to give your cock deliciously satisfying strokes. Slide it up and down or twist it around your length. However you want to work it, it will feel great.

Worried it might not fit? Don't fret! The material stretches well and will surely hug any hotdog size. Jumbo or small, no matter how big your dong is, this egg will accommodate it. It's high-elasticity allows the sleeve to stretch wide without breaking.

Apart from giving you pleasure during your solo play, this special egg is a great stamina trainer. If you ejaculate too soon and can't finish the race, practice prolonging your erection with this masturbator. A hard cock that can play long performs a lot better. While there are prescription drugs out there to keep your man standing for many rounds, a natural remedy is still the best option.

Practice makes perfect, and this egg is great for stamina training. Wash it with warm, soapy, water to remove residue and to keep yourself safe from bacterial infection.

They say dress to impress, but in bed, you have to stay hard for long to impress! Buy now!

Color Pink, Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Red
Material TPE
Dimension Length: 2.60 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.36 inches