Fox Tail Black Silicone Butt Plug, Black and Red 17"
Fox Tail Black Silicone Butt Plug, Black and Red 17"
Unleash the animal in you with a real-looking tail that will make you wild with unrelenting sexual hunger. We understand how life can sometimes be overwhelming, that is why we have incorporated products that are very convenient to use and at the same time, add a little spunk into your bedroom play.

Let our Red and Black 7" Fox Tail Silicone Butt Plug add that much needed sexual relief as you let this toy do all the work for you!

Ready to fulfill your every sensual fantasy, each stroke will feel amazing as this toy is made from only the highest quality of silicone. Silicone is an excellent material for these toys because of its impeccable capability to adjust to changing sizes. The ass has numerous sensual nerves that are just waiting for the right stimulation to become alive.

With this toy, you will have no worry as you insert this inside your ass even if you are still starting on your backside journey. Just be sure to put a good amount of water-soluble lubricant on your ass hole and the plug itself.

Additionally, the lush fox tail with red and black hue will create the drama on your sexual escapade. Imagine the ticklish tail dangling on your back, opening it up, preparing it for a good banging! The erotic pressure of the right butt plug on your ass will stimulate and give it a good erotic sensation to make you wild.

You can add this to your animal playing and ignite your carnal cravings. This will be the perfect cherry on top as you explore the sensual world of ass fucking.

You have to be mindful that to maintain a safe play, you have to wash the plug before and after each use. Don't forget to dry this thoroughly before storing it in a separate container.

Be the wild one you always wanted, grab this stunning toy now!

Color Tail: Black and Red
Plug: Black
Material Tail: Fur
Plug: Silicone
Type Tail Plug
Dimension (inches)
Tail: 17.00 inches
Plug: Small - 2.83 inches
Tail: N/A
Plug: Small - 1.10 inches

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Red and Black 7" Fox Tail Silicone Butt Plug

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