Elegant Fox Tail Butt Plug 19 Inches Long


Bring flavor to every intimate moment you have with your lover! With this remarkable device, you will be able to add fun and thrill every time.

Our Elegant Fox Tail Butt Plug 19 Inches Long comes in two colors - gold and silver. Both of these plugs add finesse to your fantasy roleplay. Furthermore, they are made from stainless steel, a material known for its outstanding qualities.

Stainless steel is one of the in-demand materials used for making such toys because of its durability. It is also non-absorbent; nonetheless, it is ideal for temperature play, as it can adapt to the coolness and warmth of the fluid. Additionally, it is corrosion-resistant, which means it is safe to use.

The plug also has a bushy and fluffy tail, which comes in two colors - khaki and white. These tails are made from synthetic fur, enabling you to channel your inner foxy side. Wear it at home and surprise your lover with this cute fox tail plug.

This fox tail butt plug is ideal for couples who want to spice up their intimate moments. This sex toy will definitely take your sex life to a whole new level.

Single ladies and men can use it too! They can use it as a tool for masturbation to add a little bit of play while pleasuring themselves. You can even wear it as part of your fetish costume. Strut your way into the entrance, and you will be surprised by the attention you get because of your tail plug!

Indeed, our Elegant Fox Tail Butt Plug 19 Inches Long is the perfect choice to spice up your sex life! We guarantee you; your partner can't resist looking at your butt whenever you tease him with your look.

Color Khaki, White
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Faux Fur
Plug: Stainless Steel


handle: 15.75-16.93 in.
plug: 2.36 in.


handle: 3.94-4.72 in.
plug: 1.06 in.