Sodalite Eggs

If you're looking for something to enhance your sex life while maintaining peace and clarity in your physical life...wait, that's possible? It is with our Sodalite Eggs!

Yoni eggs may look like mere rock crystals that have no real purpose, but they have been and are still being used by many women to this day! If you're still not familiar with these tiny gemstone eggs and what they do for you, we will fill you in on that.

For thousands of years, yoni eggs have been used by ancient Chinese empresses and concubines. The reason? It's to make their vaginal walls even tighter and be more sensitive and stimulated during sex. Once you insert an egg into your tunnel of love, your vaginal walls contract to hold the egg in place; their contractions become an internal workout for your best friend and in turn, your vagina will feel much tighter which will be a treat for you and your partner!

But that's not the only thing that's exciting about yoni eggs. Once you start using yours regularly, you'll find that your sex drive has increased and you're more into the dirty act now more than ever! It can also increase your chances of getting pregnant by increasing your fertility. Using a yoni egg regularly can also increase lubrication inside your Aphrodite's tunnel. But that's not all, continue to use this prior to conception and it can help you with your pregnancy and childbirth by preparing your birth canal.

The Sodalite gemstone can easily be confused with the Lapis Lazuli because of the similarities in appearances between the two. A good thing to note as a comparison is that Sodalite gemstones have white specks or streaks, while the Lapis Lazuli is blue and gold with some blacks on some occasion. This blue and white pattern resembles the sea on a piece of marbled glass, which can also double as a stunning piece for your interior decor needs!

Sodalite eggs not only help in making you even more lovable to your partner, but it also offers healing benefits to other departments. The physical healing properties focus on soothing and mending. It can help aid in common ailments such as headache, fever, infections in the sinus, and muscles strains or cramps. Women who are going through menopause can benefit from this type of gemstone egg as it can help them be relieved of their symptoms.

There are different sizes of our Sodalite eggs for you to choose from. You can get an individual egg if you want to focus on your sexual nature alone, or you can avail a set if you're starting to get serious about Kegel exercises so you can have the next size within reach.

Browse through our collection and feel the clarity and stillness of the Sodalite gemstone. Be mesmerized by its entrancing colors like the ocean waves. Choose one or two and become the love and sex goddess your partner thought he'd only make love to in his dreams!