Hot Seashell Silicone Pasties
Hot Seashell Silicone Pasties
Hot Seashell Silicone Pasties
Hot Seashell Silicone Pasties

Are you preparing for the grandest day of your life where you are expected to shine the brightest? This seems like a lot of pressure on your shoulder. But hey, relax. Choose whatever wedding dress you want to wear, and don't worry if it's backless, off-shoulder, or plunging. We've got you covered with our Hot Seashell Silicone Pasties. Under a beautiful dress, these pasties are not visible. So look your best and bare some skin with confidence. These covers have staying power, so don't worry when you sweat.

Made breathable and comfortable, these are great for prolonged wear. Choose between lace-up and clasp variants—either will give your breast the ideal height to make your bosom full and perky. Whether you're gifted with nice boobs or not so gifted, these covers will give you flattering cleavage. And if they're saggy, these will provide you with the boob lift you need. These seashell-inspired intimate covers have no straps and wings, and because of that, they are way more versatile.

The outer layer is made of Spandex, a highly breathable fabric. The inner layer is silicone adhesive, which is body-safe and hypoallergenic. Soft like skin, light like a feather, and clasps like no other, these pasties won't let you down. So what's stopping you from picking that backless white flowing dress?

They're available in black and khaki. Why pick when you can order a couple of pairs? After all, both colors are essential and necessary. These pasties are reusable, thus practical. The adhesive will surely lose its staying power eventually, but you can prolong the shelf life by washing each pasty with warm and mild soap. Don't use detergent, and never use a hairdryer.

Love your boobs and make them stand out. Set aside your bras with straps, and give the Hot Seashell Silicone Pasties to do the job. Buy now!

Color Khaki, Black
Material Spandex (Outer Layer)
Silicone (Inner Layer)
Dimension (inches)
Cup Size:
S- Fits 32A to 34A
M- Fits 32B to 38A
L- Fits 32C to 38B
XL- Fits 32D to 38D
Width: N/A


Hot Seashell Silicone Pasties

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