Black Silicone Shower Enema

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Make anal play mess-free and worry-free by making sure you get cleaned up before getting bumfucked. 

If you’re expecting anal penetration in your next sexual encounter, consider sexual hygiene by giving your anus and rectum some thorough cleansing. Our Black Silicone Shower Enema has two essential parts: a nozzle and a bulb. Available in different variants, choose the nozzle size and design that suits your needs and preference.

Beaded and curvy designs add pleasure. If, however, you’re only after washing out the unwanted shitty particles, go for the plain for quicker insertion. Choose the longer nozzles for deeper cleansing. What’s great about the nozzles is that they can be hooked up with shower hoses if you want a steady stream of water flowing in.

This product can also be bought as a set to get nozzles of different shapes. As you may already know, different moods call for variety. Alternatively, you can get a kit if you’re having a hard time picking the right nozzle.

The nozzles and the bulb are made of medical silicone. As such, you’ll find them comfortable and soft. Many sex toy fans choose silicone because its flexibility promises less painful to painless experience. Adding to that, it’s gentle on the skin and free from harsh chemicals.

Performing a rectal douche with this bulb enema is a simple process. Begin by cleaning it with warm, soapy water, then fill the bulb with lukewarm plain water and cover it with its nozzle. Slather lube on the nozzle and apply a generous amount in the anal canal to eliminate friction. Once the nozzle is inside, squeeze the bulb slowly to push water into your rectum. When the bulb is empty, unplug the nozzle carefully and while doing so, hold the water until you feel the urge to expel. Repeat the process until the water that comes out is clear. 

Save yourself from embarrassment in the middle of anal intercourse. Be considerate to your partner by buying any of our Black Silicone Shower Enema.

Color Black, Blue
Type Enema Bulb

Bulb: Silicone

Plug: Silicone




A: 4.53 inches

B: 3.54 inches

plug: 4.33 inches, 5.83 inches, 5.91 inches, 8.27 inches, 7.09 inches


handle: N/A

plug: N/A